v. & n.
1 tr. cleanse (oneself or a part of oneself, clothes, etc.) with liquid, esp. water.
2 tr. (foll. by out, off, away, etc.) remove a stain or dirt in this way.
3 intr. wash oneself or esp. one's hands and face.
4 intr. wash clothes etc.
5 intr. (of fabric or dye) bear washing without damage.
6 intr. (foll. by off, out) (of a stain etc.) be removed by washing.
7 tr. poet. moisten, water (tear-washed eyes; a rose washed with dew).
8 tr. (of a river, sea, etc.) touch (a country, coast, etc.) with its waters.
9 tr. (of moving liquid) carry along in a specified direction (a wave washed him overboard; was washed up on the shore).
10 tr. a scoop out (the water had washed a channel). b erode, denude (sea-washed cliffs).
11 intr. (foll. by over, along, etc.) sweep, move, or splash.
12 tr. sift (ore) by the action of water.
13 tr. a brush a thin coat of watery paint or ink over (paper in water-colour painting etc., or a wall). b (foll. by with) coat (inferior metal) with gold etc.
1 a the act or an instance of washing; the process of being washed (give them a good wash; only needed one wash). b (prec. by the) treatment at a laundry etc. (sent them to the wash).
2 a quantity of clothes for washing or just washed.
3 the visible or audible motion of agitated water or air, esp. due to the passage of a ship etc. or aircraft.
4 a soil swept off by water; alluvium. b a sandbank exposed only at low tide.
5 kitchen slops and scraps given to pigs.
6 a thin, weak, or inferior liquid food. b liquid food for animals.
7 a liquid to spread over a surface to cleanse, heal, or colour.
8 a thin coating of water-colour, wall-colouring, or metal.
9 malt etc. fermenting before distillation.
10 a lotion or cosmetic.
Phrases and idioms:
come out in the wash colloq. be clarified, or (of contingent difficulties) be resolved or removed, in the course of time. wash-and-wear adj. (of a fabric or garment) easily and quickly laundered. wash-basin a basin for washing one's hands, face, etc. wash one's dirty linen in public see LINEN. wash down
1 wash completely (esp. a large surface or object).
2 (usu. foll. by with) accompany or follow (food) with a drink. washed out 1 faded by washing.
2 pale.
3 colloq. limp, enfeebled. washed up esp. US sl. defeated, having failed. wash one's hands euphem. go to the lavatory. wash one's hands of renounce responsibility for. wash-hand stand = WASHSTAND. wash-house a building where clothes are washed. wash-leather chamois or similar leather for washing windows etc.
wash out
1 clean the inside of (a thing) by washing.
2 clean (a garment etc.) by brief washing.
3 a rain off (an event etc.). b colloq. cancel.
4 (of a flood, downpour, etc.) make a breach in (a road etc.).
wash-out n.
1 colloq. a fiasco; a complete failure.
2 a breach in a road, railway track, etc., caused by flooding (see also WASHOUT).
wash up
1 tr. (also absol.) esp. Brit. wash (crockery and cutlery) after use.
2 US wash one's face and hands. won't wash esp. Brit. colloq. (of an argument etc.) will not be believed or accepted.
Etymology: OE waeligscan etc. f. Gmc, rel. to WATER

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